“Brief case”



***Pre-opening Friday 26th August 2014 6-8PM. Snacks, drinks & live music.

BIG LAUNCH PARTY & Gallery Inauguration Friday 5th Sept 2014 6-10PM hosted by SB & dj Mikkokoo & Losta (London).


“Once again I’m packing a suitcase with experiences. This case will be left behind in Berlin. Then later in my thoughts

I might return to it. But now it’s time to pack; time to seek and select the contents and meanings worth to preserve. This

will be a brief case, so I try to leave out everything unnecessary; fill the bag and make it a monument of a life once

lived”, Ruotsalainen writes about his latest body of work.

In his new exhibition for Showroom Berliini, Ruotsalainen paints a dark picture of melancholy. The playfulness of his

artwork is dimmed down on purpose, as the artist studies the visual relationship between the human and the animal life.

Coexisting as statists in space created by humans for themselves, animals have long been pressed under – in the black,

white & grey world order of the Homo Sapiens, the animals have the lot of the underdog. Yet creatures with the same

feelings of pain, anguish & stress as ours, they have long existed side by side humans throughout the history of the

civilization, crossing each other`s roads. “On the road again”, “Pastoral with dark clouds”,”Still life” and “Going down

– the only road” study the tradition of the pastoral – religious imagery that incarnates in the theme of the lambs caught

in-between the constructed cruelty of human landscape and life as superior to theirs. Their joint travel through time is a

“Brief case” marked in a milestone along the road of the human path. Yet humans are more than just mere passers-bys

in the life of the animals, but not vice versa – dictating the course of their lives and destiny. “Mind was blank” turns the

roles upside down as Ruotsalainen gets back to the earlier thematics of his painting, analyzing the social sphere of the

human herd.



Showroom Berliini is a new contemporary art space and an artist collective situated in Checkpoint Charlie, in the heart of Berlin. Its mission is to

promote and exhibit Finnish and international contemporary art by artist management, organizing solo and group shows, dj /movie nights and talks

on contemporary up-to-date topics. SB hosts and curates various events. Started as a co-funded gallery in 2014, it hosts many prominent group and

solo exhibitions by young and upcoming artists. Showroom Berliini is supported by Arts Promotion Centre Finland and Ikahu Ltd.

August 2014 6-8PM. Snacks, drinks & live music.

Sept 2014 6-10PM hosted by SB & dj

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