Vantaa Art Museum Artsi 12.1. – 1.9. 2024

The exhibition at Vantaa Art Museum Artsi provokes contemplation on the meanings of home 

The home is one of the key places for the construction of a person’s identity. Often, the concept of home refers to security, warmth and peace, but home can also be associated with feelings of insecurity and lack of belonging, for example. The experience of home and its meanings are always formed individually – home means different things to different people. Artsi’s My Home Somewhere exhibition examines the meanings of home through different perspectives. The themes of the works in the exhibition include migration and being a refugee, family relationships and the space and objects at home. The exhibition raises the question of what is meant by home and what factors make up a home. Is home always a concrete place, or could it also be a state of mind? 

The exhibition has mainly been compiled from the City of Vantaa art collection. In addition to works from the collection, the theme of the exhibition is complemented by a few invited artists.

The exhibition is part of the 50th anniversary celebrations of the City of Vantaa. The theme of the city’s anniversary is “At Home in Vantaa”. The exhibition is open from Fri 12 January till Sun 1 September 2024 at Artsi’s exhibition space in Myyrmäkitalo. 

Artists in the exhibition: Wäinö Aaltonen, Ilppo Alho, Baran Caginli, Mirza Cizmic, Ina Colliander, EGS, Eila Ekman-Björkman, Ida Sofia Fleming, Radoslaw Gryta, Hulda Hákon, Marjatta Hanhijoki, Reino Harsti, Viljami Heinonen, Outi Heiskanen, Pentti Kaskipuro, Spartak Khachanov, Tuomo Klemi, Markus Konttinen, Viktor Kuusela, Harri Larjosto, Kuutti Lavonen, Jukka Lehtinen, Maisa Majakka, Olavi Martikainen, Saana Murtti, Jaakko Niemelä, Marja Pirilä, Eeva Peura, Jorma Puranen, Kari Pärssinen, Heli Salonen, Lauri Santtu, Minna Sjöholm, Maria Stereo, Anne Tamminen, Jukka Vikberg. 

Vantaa Art Museum Artsi, Paalutori 3, 01600 Vantaa 

Artsi is open Tuesday–Wednesday 11 am –6 pm, Thursday 1 pm – 8 pm, Friday–Sunday 11 am – 4pm.

Free admission. 

Exceptions during opening hours:Closed on public holidays.

Check the exceptions during opening hours on Artsi’s website

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