Reality Bites

Topi Ruotsalainen: To do, 2011, Chalkboard paint, chalk & oil on canvas, 200 x 235 cm
Topi Ruotsalainen: To do, 2011, Chalkboard paint, chalk & oil on canvas, 200 x 235 cm


Museum of Contemporary Art KIASMA (Finnish National Gallery) has one “Topi Ruotsalainen” in their collections. Visit Reality Bites to see it!

“Occupying three entire floors of the museum, the collection exhibition explores the use of documentarism in contemporary art.”

Visit Kiasma’s website for more info.

Art Copenhagen 2012

Old boys
Topi Ruotsalainen: Old boys, 2012, Oil on canvas, 200 x 230 cm

Art Copenhagen 2012 – The international art scene flocks to Copenhagen

Art Copenhagen opens its doors during the weekend of 14-16 September, featuring a sharp presentation of Danish galleries and selected international galleries.



Galleria Heino (Helsinki) is one of the 71 exhibitors and presents works by the following artists:






Opening hours

Friday 14 September 4-9 pm
(First Choice 2-4 pm, by invitation only)

Saturday 15 September 11 am – 6 pm

Sunday 16 September 11 am – 5 pm


Adults: DKK 100
Partout: DKK 150 (valid all three days)
Student ticket: DKK 50
Children: under 12 years free


Forum Copenhagen
Julius Thomsens Plads 1
1925 Frederiksberg C
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Avesta Art 2012

Topi Ruotsalainen: “Lean on” 2012, Oil on hardboard, 150 x 108 cm

Exhibiting artists:

Vanna Bowles, Giacomo Costa, Mikael Ericsson, Johnny Boy Eriksson, Pontus Ersbacken , Henry Grahn Hermunen, Lena Johansson, Matti Kalkamo, Achilles Kentonis , Johannes Nyholm, Maria Papacharalambous,  Inger Sandberg, Cassandra Rhodin,  Topi Ruotsalainen, Guangjuan Zhang


Kanalvägen 1  •  774 30 AVESTA •  SWEDEN

Avesta Art of the Verket May 26 to September 9

Open daily 11.00 to 17.00

Midsummer closed

Art Centre Salmela / exhibition

Topi Ruotsalainen: “Hole” 2012, Oil on hardboard, 16 x 28 cm

Artists for summer 2012 are: Aaron Heino, Tiina Kivinen, Johanna Koistinen, Kristian Krokfors, Milla Kuisma, Juha Kuosmanen, Tuula Lehtinen, Elisa Lientola, Tapani Mikkonen, Marika Mäkelä, Tuomas Mäntynen, Topi Ruotsalainen and Arvo Siikamäki.

Art Centre Salmela is open from 9th of June to 12th of August every day from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m (also during Midsummer).

Art Centre Salmela
Mäntyharjuntie 25
52700 Mäntyharju / Finland

“Jingle all the way” exhibition censored by Sokos

The censored work “Chrismas peace” consists of three machine gun shaped christmas packages installed to look like a cristmas tree.

"Christmas peace"

Somehow the reaction of Sokos seems a bit exaggerated. Sokos department store is selling toy weapons, war- games & movies all the time. Kids want those firm packages for christmas!

On the other hand, in Finland we have compulsory military service for all the men. It is our duty to learn how to use those guns. A free gift from the government. The compulsory military service in Finland has been rationalized as a warranty of freedom and peace. If this is all correct, there shouldn’t either be a problem confronting art about “the guarantee of our life style” (guns).

Ofcourse I understand, that the gallery is part of the Sokos department store, and they might have a different kind of idea about what is possible and what is not. But art is not supposed to be solely easy, cute and conventional. Sometimes the message behind the work needs to be manifested in a form wich might upset somebody. If we get too scared about upsetting some people and we start smoothen all the edges of art, what do we have left then?

The S-gallery window is located right opposite the contemporary art museum Kiasma. I find it very sad that the gap between these two venues seems to be so, soooo wide.

Portraits in Turku

(T. Ruotsalainen 2011, Self portrait, photograph)

Now it’s time to head to Turku, European capital of culture 2011.

A group show concerning portraits & self portraits.

Where: Köysirata gallery, Linnankatu 56, Turku 18.8. – 26.8. 2011

Open: mon – fri 17-19

Opening party 17.8. 2011,  17-19, Welcome!

Participating artists:

Vaharsolt Balatkhanov

Jenni Haili

Jaakko Heikkinen

Antti Immonen

Markku Laakso

Hanne Lindström

J. H. Muurinen

Pekka Parviainen

Markku Peltola

Topi Ruotsalainen

Ilona Rytkönen

Kristiina Sario

Hanna Seppänen

Helena Tuura

Riikka Wesamaa

The exhibition is included in Finnish Cultural Foundation’s portrait program.

Honkahovi Art Centre

Open every day 11 – 18
28.6.-31.7. thurs 8 – 20
Tickets 2 – 8€

Address: Taidekeskus Honkahovi, Johtokunnantie 11, 35800 Mänttä

Participating artists

Team: Grister Gråhn, Veikko Halmetoja
Merja Haapala
Johanna Havimäki
Liisa Hietanen
Jenni Hiltunen
Teemu Kangas
Rauha Mäkilä
Kaija Papu
Topi Ruotsalainen
Tärähtäneet Ämmät: Katriina Haikala, Vilma Metteri
Oona Tikkaoja
Vesa Toukomaa
Kirsti Tuokko
Jarno Vesala
Team: Jere Ruotsalainen, Jaakko Himanen

For more information click here